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"...Lara Croft with petticoats and outrageous hats...rushing to rescue the day and save the weakest..."

"...the plot was well schemed, complicated and crafted with talent, with many ups and downs, betrayals, high-speed chases and close combats."

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Heading 4

A Perilous Liaison
Book Two
An Olivia Featherstone Adventure

The devilishly talented and wickedly irresistible Miss Olivia Featherstone
returns for another rousing escapade in her latest Regency adventure


After foiling a treacherous plan in Leicestershire, Olivia has succumbed to the strictures of her family and is hosting a society ball. However, when the enigmatic and alluring Delavel Chêne-Craven arrives bleeding in the entry of her Half Moon residence before the company has even gone in to supper, she is once again catapulted into the perilous world of international intrigue. This time the hopeful emergence of an independent Greece out of the still-powerful Ottoman Empire is testing alliances, and widening fractures in England’s ruling classes.


With Craven injured, Olivia enthusiastically seizes the reins of the investigation into a nefarious conspiracy around her beau, and to hunt the enemies that threaten the very heart of the British establishment.


From the rustic countryside of Middlesex to the elegance of Berkeley Square, Olivia in her infallible manner pursues her malevolent foes, rushing against time to unravel why and who is behind the villainous scheme.


And finally … how can she convince Craven that merging their skills is not only prudent but ingenious. And what will she do if he cannot be swayed?

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An Intriguing Deception
Book One
An Olivia Featherstone Adventure

Miss Olivia Featherstone, residing in late Regency 1820s London, is not your usual dutiful debutante. She much prefers adventure to balls and morning visits: riding at death-defying speeds, throwing daggers at villains and pitting her intelligence and careful training against scoundrels who seek to harm her family.

Enter society’s darling, Delavel Chêne-Craven, a mysterious aristocrat with unknowable ties to governments foreign and domestic: suave, rakish, skilled in dissimulation and manipulation.

Craven sees Olivia as a gorgeous but irritating amateur about to upset his carefully calibrated long con, while she considers herself his perfect working companion. They form an uneasy alliance, but the more she pushes her family’s agenda the more his mission — and their very lives — are endangered.

How can they each stay the course of their own scheme when they’re both so distracted by the growing companionship, mutual respect, and irresistible spark between them?

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