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Golden Flame

A Charlotte Lavender Adventure

ISBN 978-0-646-98613-5​



Charlotte Lavender a headstrong, well educated young Lady, is sailing to the gold fields of Victoria when she encounters Captain Gabriel Sterling, commander of the John Robinson, a man of strong opinions, arrogant ways and handsome features. His autocratic manner drives Charlotte to instigate unrest amongst the crew and throws her at loggerheads with the man who is soon creating havoc with her feelings.On arrival at the colony, Charlotte is caught up in a series of misadventures with Gabriel, as he steadfastly pursues his antagonists and drags her headlong into the tumultuous life of the gold fields and the mystical world of the Chinese community. Charlotte quickly learns that life around Gabriel Sterling is a melting pot of intrigue, life threatening experiences and bewildering emotions.

For the Heart of Jumping Creek

ISBN 1497549159

​Louisa Farley, of Fairhaven Hall, an intelligent and passionate young lady is wooed by the charismatic and charming Charles Thorne. Banished by family to the new colony due to an indiscretion, she resolutely takes on the challenge.
Disillusioned with her husband she is however beguiled by her new land and with the assistance of the young native boy Ginger, finds a peace and tenderness for the unrelenting landscape.
From an impressionable young bride she transforms into a determined and tenacious woman guiding the fortunes of the immense station of Jumping Creek. The arrival of the mysterious and elusive Edward Darlington however creates a tumultuous change in her life. Can she quell her growing feelings and concentrate on her beloved Jumping Creek?

Pink Sugar
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