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Writing the adventures of Olivia Featherstone is curiously cathartic; she is wickedly irresistible and devilishly talented. A strong willed but competent heroine who always seems to find herself in the midst of perilous adventures.

With her companion in arms Delavel Chêne-Craven she battles enemies and

uncovers treacherous plans.


Olivia and Craven have an annoying habit of talking to me (and arguing) at the most inopportune moments! Talking to my characters challengers my perceptions and tests my boundaries.

Similar to Olivia, adventure, travelling to amazing locations and thinking outside the box are my hallmarks.

Additionally, time with my wonderful (scattered to the winds) family and playing annoying games of golf is paramount to my sanity. 

An Intriguing Deception is the first of the series and is now out on Amazon. Book Two arrived June 2022 and Book Three arrives 2023.

Hazard Zet Forward- Despite the Danger Keep Going 



PS Work in progress - A Cosy Mystery style novel and additionally a wonderful collaboration with the girls from RWA - but I must be discreet!

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