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A Curious Engagement
Book 3

Launched in time for Christmas

As much as Miss Olivia Featherstone relishes the challenge of a new mystery, her priority is to demonstrate to her brothers and Craven—the darling of society—that she is a dependable investigator. The carrot of working in the Foreign Office is far too enticing.


So when one of London’s most eligible bachelors seeks her assistance in hunting down the felons that seek to put a period to his existence, she petitions her brother for permission to investigate. Surely this will be a remarkable opportunity to prove her worth.


During an increasingly unorthodox mission, Olivia must face her own demons and the annoyingly lackadaisical manner of Craven. Because this time the prize is too great—and will her heart ever be the same again. 


Alas, nothing is straightforward, and as Olivia delves into her charges plight, she discovers with horror that maybe she has become the hunted and not the huntress!

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"...Lara Croft with petticoats and outrageous hats...rushing to rescue the day and save the weakest..."

"...the plot was well schemed, complicated and crafted with talent, with many ups and downs, betrayals, high-speed chases and close combats."

A Perilous Liaison
Book 2

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The devilishly talented and wickedly irresistible Miss Olivia Featherstone
returns for another rousing escapade in her latest Regency adventure


After foiling a treacherous plan in Leicestershire, Olivia has succumbed to the strictures of her family and is hosting a society ball. However, when the enigmatic and alluring Delavel Chêne-Craven arrives bleeding in the entry of her Half Moon residence before the company has even gone in to supper, she is once again catapulted into the perilous world of international intrigue. This time the hopeful emergence of an independent Greece out of the still-powerful Ottoman Empire is testing alliances, and widening fractures in England’s ruling classes.


With Craven injured, Olivia enthusiastically seizes the reins of the investigation into a nefarious conspiracy around her beau, and to hunt the enemies that threaten the very heart of the British establishment.


From the rustic countryside of Middlesex to the elegance of Berkeley Square, Olivia in her infallible manner pursues her malevolent foes, rushing against time to unravel why and who is behind the villainous scheme.


And finally … how can she convince Craven that merging their skills is not only prudent but ingenious. And what will she do if he cannot be swayed?


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